A hackathon that gives kids opportunity to learn, explore, question, tinker and build through a one-day programming challenge.

Hack SC Junior will be be held Saturday, March 25th. Check in will be from 10:30am to 11:00am in front of Taper Hall of Humanities at USC. The students will be grouped into teams of 2-4 of similar age and each team will have a USC student volunteer. The day will consist of mostly coding, with small breaks which will include brain teasers, outdoor games, and lunch.

We will be hosting a Facebook engineer who will give a talk explaining a day in the life a software engineer. Additionally, there will be other workshops held throughout the day including an Oculus demo.

The theme of this Hack SC Jr. is “Life Hacks,” and we hope the students can code an innovative application that could improve an everyday device or how something is done. The students can use Scratch, Java, or Web development to create their projects.

Prizes will be rewarded to most creative and technically challenging projects per age group. Judging will start around 5:00pm and prizes will be awarded around 6:00pm. Parents should plan to come from 6:00pm to see the prize ceremony and to pick up your students.

No coding experience necessary!


Hack SC Jr.'s 2017 Life Hacks has already occured!

If you are interested in any future Hack SC Jr. hack please email hackscjr@gmail.com


  • Explain what computer science is and how it relates to real-world problems
  • Provide exposure to those who’ve never programmed before
  • Use basic programming constructs such as variables, conditionals, and loops
  • Write a program to solve a given problem or create a fun project
  • Show that programming is fun

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